Esposito Laboratory – Inventory


Stand-alone box (Office 3.11)

ATLAS.ONE.PEP: peristaltic pump (ISM4412)
4 channels, 12 rollers, 0.001 to 43 ml/min per channel
S/N J21001684
Stand-alone box (Office 3.11)

ATLAS.ONE.BOX1 stores the following items and associated cables (Office 3.11):
* ATLAS.ONE.IX2-UCB1: Olympus controller (S/N 7B02676)
* ATLAS.ONE.IX2-UCB2: Olympus controller (S/N 6K00951), includes ZDCSU autofocus controller. This is a spare controller
* ATLAS.ONE.STAGE1: PRIOR ProScan II stage controller (S/N 61390) with Joystick (S/N 59668)

ATLAS.ONE.TBL: optical table, comprising optical breadboard and frame (Lvl 3 lab)

ATLAS.ONE.PC: control computer (Andrew’s home)
ATLAS.ONE.PC.eGPU: external GPU (Andrew’s home)




ATLAS.CLOUD is our laboratory data center.

DS1621+ with 10Gb card on LAN5
All the internal hard drives are Synology HAT5300-16T

5 bay expansion (DX517) connected to DS1621+

All internal hard drives are Seagate Ironwolf Pro 18TB Enterprise NAS

ATLAS.CLOUD.HD1 primary storage in NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD2 primary storage in NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD3 primary storage in NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD4 primary storage in NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD5 primary storage in NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD6 primary storage in NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD12 disaster recovery NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD13 disaster recovery NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD14 disaster recovery NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD15 disaster recovery NAS
ATLAS.CLOUD.HD16 disaster recovery NAS

APC 750VA Tower UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply, 230V Output, 500W – Line 

ATLAS.CLOUD.ICE1 cold data backup storage box
Location: 3.15
The storage box holds:
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD1 (2TB) | empty
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD2 (2TB) | empty
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD4 (2TB) | empty
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD5 (2TB) | empty
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD13 (1.5TB) | RNAseq master backup (2019 LIMs&SWs) 1TB free

Other hard-drives in office:
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD6 (1TB) | partial backup – AE to check
(1TB) | Annie has it for RNAseq backup
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD8 (2TB) | empty
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD9 (1TB) | empty
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD10 (1TB) | empty
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD11 (1TB) | empty
ATLAS.CLOUD.EHD12 (500GB) | empty

Rapid prototyping workshop (RPW)

RPW.BIO1: CellInk Bioprinter
In loan to the Babraham Institute under the responsibility of Anna Clay.
RPW.BIO1.EMD: EMD printhead
RPW.BIO1.PN1: Pneumatic printhead 1
RPW.BIO1.PN2: Pneumatic printhead 2
RPW.BIO1.PN3: Pneumatic printhead 3
RPW.BIO1.TC1: Temperature controlled printhead 1
RPW.BIO1.TC2: Temperature controlled printhead 2
RPW.BIO1.THP: Thermoplastic printhead
RPW.BIO1.BOX1: CellInk consumables
RPW.BIO1.BOX2: CellInk print head and other materials.

Workshop (WS)

WORKSHOP.BOX5: XL25 profiles and accessories for optical enclosures.

WORKSHOP.CAB1: 1/2″ posts and post holders, and mounting brackets
: Optical elements
Optics 1.1
aspheric condenser, 25mm, f=20mm, A coating 600 grit (ACL2520-DG6-A)
aspheric condenser, 25mm, f=20mm, A coating 600 grit (ACL2520-DG6-A)
aspheric condenser, 25mm, f=20mm, A coating 600 grit (ACL2520-DG6-A)
aspheric condenser, d=30mm, f=26mm (ACL3026-A)
aspheric condenser, d=18mm, f=15mm (ACL1815-A)
aspheric condenser, d=45mm, f=32mm (ACL4532-A)
Optics 1.2
aspheric condenser, d=25mm, f=20mm, 600gritt (ACL2520-DG6-A)
?aspheric condenser of some type
?aspheric condenser of some type
?aspheric condenser of some type
?aspheric condenser of some type
Optics 1.3
?aspheric condenser of some type
ACL12708U-A, aspherical condenser, NA=0.78, d=12.7mm, f=8mm
LK1431RM-A, coated plano concave cylindrical lens d=25.4, f=-75mm mounted
LJ1703RM-A, coated plano convex cylindrical lens, mounted. f=75mm, d=25.4
LJ1567RM convex cylindrical f=100mm, d-25.4mm
LJ1695RM-A convex cylindrical f=50mm, d=25.4mm, mounted
Optics 2.1
LB1471-A, d=25.4, f=50mm – coated biconvex lens
LB1471-A, d=25.4, f=50mm – coated biconvex lens
LB1471-A, d=25.4, f=50mm – coated biconvex lens
LB1761-A, d=25.4, f=25.4mm – coated bi convex lens
LB1761-A, d=25.4, f=25.4mm – coated bi convex lens
LB1437-A, d=25.4, f=150mm – coated bi-convex lens
100um pinhole
Optics 2.2
AC254-100-A-ML, d=25.4mm, elf=100mm, mounted
AC254-60?, d=25.4mm, f=60mm?
AC254-60?, d=25.4mm, f=60mm?
AC254-400-A, d=25.4mm, f=400mm
EO49769, d=1″, f=88.9mm, achromatic doublet
EO49769, d=1″, f=88.9mm, achromatic doublet
Optics 2.3
AC254-060-A-ML, d=1″, elf=60mm, mounted
AC254-100-A-ML, d=1″, efl=100mm, mounted
AC254-200-A, d=1″, f=200mm
AC254-100-A-ML, d=1″, elf=100mm, mounted
AC254-300-A?, d=1″, f=300ml?
Optics 3.1
LA1074-A, d=12.7mm, f=20mm, plano convex
LA1116-A, d=6mm, f=10mm
LA1433-A-ML, d=1″, f=150mm, mounted
LA1433-A -ML, d=1″ f=150mm, mounted
LA1134-A, d=1″, f=60mm, plano convex lens
Optics 3.2
ACT508-200-A-ML, d=2″, f=200mm, mounted
Edmund Optics 45179, d=50mm, f=200mm, MgF2
Edmund Optics 45179, d=50mm, f=200mm, MgF2
Edmund Optics 49766, d=1″, f=50.8mm, MgF2
Optics 3.3
AC508-075-A-ML, d=2″, efl=75mm, mounted
AC508-150-A-ML, d=2″, efl=150mm, mounted
AC508-150-A-ML, d=2″, efl=150mm, mounted
Optics 4.1
parabolic mirror MPD169-P01, d=25.4mm, RFL=152.4mm, 90deg OAP
parabolic mirror MPD169-P01, d=25.4mm, RFL=152.4mm, 90deg OAP
parabolic mirror MPD129-P01, d=25.4mm, RFL=50.8mm, 90deg OAP
Optics 4.2
parabolic mirror MPD119-P01, d=25.4mm, RFL=25.4mm, 90deg OAP
parabolic mirror MPD119-P01, d=25.4mm, RFL=35.4mm, 90deg OAP
SM1MP adapters
SM1MP adapters
Optics 4.3
AC127-019-A-ML, d=0.5″, efl=19mm, mounted
AC127-019-A-ML, d=0.5″, f=19mm, mounted
AC127-019-A-ML, d=0.5″, f=19mm, mounted
AC127-025? d=0.5″, f=25mm?
Optics 5.1
ETL, EL-16-40-TC-VIS-5D
Older lens of the ETL
Optics 5.2
Optics 5.3
QIOPTIQ G312318322 plano, d=22.5mm, f=100mm
mounted spherical lens NA=0.18, f=13.86 (C560TME-A)
mounted spherical lens NA=0.18, f=13.86 (C560TM-A)
AC064-013-A-ML, d=6.35mm, efl=13mm, mounted
AC080-10-A-ML, d=8mm, eld=10mm, mounted
Polarization and Dispersion Optics
Polarization optics (1)

half-waveplare AHWP05M-600
half-waveplate 10RP52-2
Wollastone prism WP10A
Glan-Thomson polarizer 10M
Wire grid polarizer 25x25mm2 WP25L-UB
Polarization optics (2)
10mm polarizing beam splitter cube (PBS101)
Polarization beam displacer BD27 (2.7mm) – NEW
Dispersion optics (3)
EO 43498, 30mm equilateral prism, AR
EO 47281, 15mm equilateral prism, AR
EO 49433, 5mm equilateral prism, AR
Grating 300TX
PS814-A 10deg round wedge prism (non-dispersive)
2″ mirrors
1″ and other mirrors
1″ protected silver (1)
PF10-03-P01 (1x new)
1″ metal – others (2)
PF10-03-G01, aluminium
ME1-P01 (4x), thin optics, silver
others (3)
10Q20UF.35P, mirror, chirped, 45deg – Spectra Physics
PS905 (2x), 3mm right angle prism
MRA10-P01, 10mm right ange prism
Kinetic Mirrors Cage mounts 2″

WORKSHOP.CAB3: 1″ posts, SM2 and 60mm optomechanics
1″ pedestrals
1″ posts and spacers
SM2 rings, nuts, caps
SM2 adapters, extenders, variable length
30 <> 60 mm cage adapters
60mm cage plates
60mm XY cage translation
3D printed materials (ATLAS.TWO)

WORKSHOP.CAB4: various optomechanics
servo accessories
tube lenses
filter holders
sample holders
dichroic mounts
kinatic mirrors
flip mirrors
kinematic mirrors 30mm cage
kinematic mirrors 30mm cage, parabolic
Omicron Light Hub spares

AE Office

BOOKS, see here

Lackowicz Ed 2
Pallsson (system biology)
Alon (systems biology)
Pierce (Biology of Cancer)
Cytoskeleton methods and protocols
B&H 2 Ed
My PhD thesis, MSc, and JRS Interface (Foerster Series)

2x Franklin (Maddox)
Henrietta Lacks
The Physics of Cancer
Physics in Molecular Biology
The origin and Nature of Life on Earth
Medical Physiology
How to write and publish a scientific paper

Pablo thesis
Max thesis
Lakowicz 3rd edition
Guyton and Hall, Medical Physiology. Pocket companion and review
Kushali and Callum 1st year reports
Taylor (IT)
B&H third edition

Biological physics, Philip Nelson
Cell Signaling, Wendell Lim
Cell Signalling, Hancock
Systems Biology of Cell Signalling, Ferrell
Introduction to Biological Physics, Franklin
How to write a thesis, Murray
What is Live, Nurse


BOX1: science festival
RC cars, filters and glasses, baloons
Pinboard, book sign posts
Location: 3.11

BOX2: science festival
track for RC cars
Location 3.10

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