Early detection

We focus our research on basic and applied research. Although we currently do not have sufficient funding to actively perusing translational research, we are very interested in the possible application of the tools we have developed to improve diagnostics and patient stratification. We are therefore performing pilot experiments and seeking funding in the following areas:

  • Tumour imaging | We have utilized our HDIM platform in a very small pilot study together with Dr Massimiliano Di Pietro and Prof. Rebecca Fitzgerald at the MRC CU. We have set up the protocols for imaging freshly excised unstained tissues and validated the technique. We confirm that the enhanced biochemical resolution provided by HDIM can enhance contrast for tumour imaging. Alongside these pilot experiments, we are now evaluating the possibility to utilize modified versions of light-sheet microscopy for histopathology.
  • Heavily multiplexed immunofluorescence | Our expertise relies on the use of genetic tools but the enhanced spectroscopic resolution of HDIM can be used also to multiplex an increasing number of antibodies tagged with organic or inorganic fluorescent labels. We are seeking funding to realize this potential for multiplexed diagnostic purposes.


List of instruments that we have developed in the past that could have a potential application in diagnostics. A full list of prototypes can be found here.

  • Alessandro Esposito* and Ashok R. Venkitaraman. “Enhancing biochemical resolution by hyper-dimensional imaging microscopy”, online at bioaRxiv [BIORXIV/2018/431452] while under review
  • Popleteeva A, Stoppa D, Pancheri L, Gasparini L, Kaminski CF, Cassidy LD, Venkitaraman AR, Esposito A* (2015), “Fast and simple spectral FLIM for biochemical and medical imaging”, Optics Express 23(18):23511-23525
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