Open Science


We publish every paper as Open Access and we provide plenty of information on this website. Since 2018, we also started to use pre-print servers to share our work as soon as possible even before peer-review. You can find all out publication in the publication tab and the bioRxiv record here.


All our recent code, analytical tools, simulations and mathematics are in the public domain. The relevant GitHub repository are the following:

Alessandro Esposito

Kalina Haas


All our hardware is of commercial origin, or well described in our publications. Since 2018, we have invested more resources to share all possible details and also control software publicly. We have also started to use 3D printing and our designs are shared on Thingiverse. Also, would you need to visit and see our developments or receive help to establish similar system, do contact us.


Then, of course, we like to share our work with the general public. We try to be as available as possible for open days and outreach initiatives. The main event we participate in is the Cambridge Science Festival. While we prepare for 2019, you can see what we have done last here at the Science Festival.