Cambridge science festival

Cambridge Science Festival 2019

The Cambridge Science Festival is a wonderful yearly occasion for the general public and scientists to gather together and discuss about science.


Stapleford Primary School science day 2019

Together or individually, we participate to several outreach events involving schools, for example the MRC Schools Open Day, the Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Prize, and science days at primary schools.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness

Our public campaigns

During our outreach events, we distribute leaflets we created to motivate any child, irrespective of their background, to become a scientist. See our EDI page…


Imaging ONE WORLD lecture series

During the pandemic, we have lost many opportunities to meet and discuss science and technology, then we are helping the Imaging ONE WORLD initiative to engage scientists across different disciplines.


A new YouTube channel

This is a work in progress… a brand new YouTube channel dedicated to flash talks targeted to both general and specialist audiences. Let us know if you are interested in contributing.

Theodor Foerster Lecture Series

The Lecture Series was covered by a special issue in the Royal Society journal, Interface.

A lecture series focused on FRET with the participation of top scientists and companies in the field. Organized together with Clemens Kaminski, Alex Sossick and Stefanie Reichelt.

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