1D heat flow in a metal (mini-lecture)

I have recently presented a mini-lecture about thermal physics. It was part of an interview and rather off-topic relatively to my research. I had fun diving back into ‘pure’ physics and I thought to share the material I presented.

I also built and brought with me in the auditorium this 1m copper rod to visualize the ‘heat wave’ moving from the hot to the cold side of the rod.

Hyperlapse movie clip showing a copper rod heated at the right end. Heat flow is shown with a change of temperature visualized by a thermochromic paint, from green to red tones.

I was also able to shoot a clip with a thermal camera mounted on my phone. I did this really at the last moment in a hotel room (yes, I had to clarify I was not going to do anything strange in the room when I checked in with equipment 🙂

Hyperlapse movie clip showing the same copper rod heated at the left side. Heat flow is shown with a change of temperature visualized with a thermal camera.

Finally, I prepared a handout. Again, this was rushed because I did not have much time and it was just a mock lecture, not a real one, but while I was making notes for myself while studying a topic I had studied a quarter of a century earlier, I thought to write them now.

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